Ben Jacklin

I am a writer and musician from the UK. Along with qualifications in music technology I have also worked as a tutor and lecturer in music as well as writing, recording and performing in many UK venues. I generally write about guitars, recording equipment, and tips on production.

Why You Should Record Guitar At Home

Should You Record Guitar At Home?

Recording guitar at home is not something that would have been an option 10-20 years ago, certainly not without spending a lot of money and having a huge amount of recording equipment. Technology has changed pretty much every aspect of a musician’s life, and this includes recording. In this article, we’re looking at why people …

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Best Portable Guitar Recorders

The increases in technology over recent years have meant there are so many options for recording. Whether you wish to record onto your phone or another mobile device, onto a laptop or even onto a specifically designed product for recording on-the-go. A portable guitar recorder can be the answer for you if you want a …

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10 Best Microphones For Recording Acoustic Guitar – Every Budget (2021)

Recording acoustic guitar is an art that can take a little perfecting. When it comes to recording, pretty much every engineer (or just music enthusiast) has their own specific workflow that they develop over time. This often starts with choosing the right equipment. In this article, we’ve delved into the best microphones for recording acoustic …

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