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I share my experiences from learning guitar online. Course reviews, recommended gear and essential tips to make your learning more fun and more likely to succeed.

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How to stick to learning guitar FI

How To Stick To Learning Guitar – 10 Practical Tips

I’ve arrived at a point in my guitar playing where I feel like I have hit a wall.  To tell you the truth, this isn’t …

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Classical Guitars for beginners FI

Which Classical Guitar Is Best For Beginners?

Classical guitars and steel-string acoustic guitars can almost be classified as two different instruments. Although they are tuned the same and have similar features, they …

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How Long Do New Guitar Strings Take To Settle_

How Long Do New Guitar Strings Take To Settle

Did you just buy a new set of guitar strings, but they do not want to stay tune? That is because when a brand new …

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How To Identify The Gauge Of Strings On Your Guitar?

There is no easy way to identify the gauge of strings on your guitar unless you purchase a caliper or micrometer to accurately read your …

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Best Crossover Guitars For Beginners

What Are The Best Crossover Nylon Guitars

The Crossover nylon string guitar is fantastic for many guitar players who want the nylon string’s comfort, but the feel of a more traditional steel-string …

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How Often Should a Guitar Be Setup?

Let me start by making one thing clear – taking care of your guitar is essential to keep your instrument looking, feeling, and sounding great.  …

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learn chords or tabs

Should I Learn Chords or Tabs? Explained.

In the quest to start learning how to play guitar, there are many paths one can take. Books, YouTube, online guitar schools, traditional lessons, and …

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Essential Pedals For Beginners

5 Essential Guitar Pedals For Beginners

I feel like I could write an entire book on this subject. Heck, I’m sure every electric guitar player could. We all catch the bug …

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Loop Pedal With An Acoustic Guitar

Can You Use a Loop Pedal With an Acoustic Guitar? Here’s How.

Some of the most fun one can have playing the guitar is with a loop pedal. A loop pedal simply allows a player to record …

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Essential Pedals For Indie Rock

5 Essential Pedals For Indie Rock

Exploring different sounds and tones for your guitar is a neverending journey. This becomes pretty clear not long after you begin to learn how to …

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Essential Pedals For Classic Rock

5 Essential Guitar Pedals For Classic Rock

Learning to play classic rock on the guitar is not just about the licks, but the sound and tone. If you can’t capture the sound, …

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Should I Buy a Guitar Tuner or Use an App?

Should I Buy A Guitar Tuner Or Use An App?

“Okay, let’s tune up!” This is usually the first thing I say to kick off a guitar lesson. It is also what I would say …

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