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I share my experiences from learning guitar online. Course reviews, recommended gear and essential tips to make your learning more fun and more likely to succeed.

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How To Transition From Acoustic to Electric Guitar

How to Transition From Acoustic to Electric Guitar – 7 Tips

Almost every professional guitar instructor will recommend a student begin learning how to play guitar on the acoustic guitar rather than the electric. I am …

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Famous Guitar Players Who Started Late

4 Famous Guitarists Who Started Late

Learning how to play the guitar – it’s not just for kids, anymore. Truth be told, it never was. Musical instruments are not to be …

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Learn, Practice, Play vs Justin Guitar

Learn, Practice, Play Vs Justin Guitar

In this article, we are going to compare Justin Guitar’s Beginner Course with Paul Davids Beginner Guitar Course, Learn, Practice, Play. I have completed both …

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Palm Muting Exercises

5 Palm Muting Exercises To Help You Improve

Palm-muting is a guitar technique that utilizes the side of the palm of the rhythm hand to dampen the sound of the strings to create …

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How To Palm Mute

How To Palm Mute: 12 Tips to Master it (With Pictures)

One of the keys to guitar mastery is dynamic control. Dynamic control is the guitarist’s ability to shape his or her sound at will using …

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How To Play Barre Chords With Small Hands

How To Play Barre Chords With Small Hands

Like it or not, barre chords are part of learning how to play guitar. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be the bane …

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Paul Davids Learn Practice Play Review

Learn, Practice, Play – Review – Bought, Tried and Tested

Learn, Practice, Play is Paul Davids beginner guitar course and I bought the course, played through it, talked to others who have taken the course, …

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How to Strum a Guitar With a Pick

How To Strum a Guitar With a Pick

For the violinist, there is the bow. Drummers have their sticks. The dulcimer player uses hammers and the pianist employs good old fashioned human fingers. …

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How To Strum A Guitar With Your Fingers

How To Strum A Guitar With Your Fingers – 5 Great Methods

There are essentially two ways to strum a guitar – using a pick or using one’s fingers. There are variations on each of those, neither …

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9 Month Guitar Progress

9 Months Guitar Progress (Video + Breakdown)

So I have now been learning guitar for 9 months and since month 5 when I completed the Justin Guitar Beginner Course, I have been …

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How To Make Barre Chords Easier

How To Make Barre Chords Easier (12 Essential Tips)

As a beginner guitar player, one of the hardest things to get right are barre chords. I have struggled with these in the past but …

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CAGED System Songs

7 CAGED System Songs (Learn With Songs)

The CAGED System for learning how to play guitar is used for learning music theory with a guitar, but at its core, it’s a hands-on, …

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