10 Best Accessories For Guitar Players With Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain

Pain and discomfort in your back, neck and shoulders when playing guitar is common for many different reasons and is likely inevitable, particularly as you get older.

Fortunately there are ways to prevent this but also alleviate any existing issues if you know how. In our article Best Stretching Exercises For Guitar Players – Illustrated Guide (Back, Neck, Hand, Elbow, Fingers) Jeff Caulfield, a Senior Physiotherapist, talked about how to play to avoid issues occurring in the first place but also how to prevent and alleviate the most common guitar injuries so you can keep on playing.

All the help aside however, sometimes, some of us are in a position where we can’t ‘fix’ the issue. Fortunately there are manufacturers who have recognized this and created products that can help many of us who play with pain or in a position that might not be recognized as ‘normal’.

So in this article, after spending many hours finding the best products, I’ll share 10 of the best essential guitar accessories for guitar players who play with back, shoulder, neck and wrist / hand pain to help you keep playing guitar.

1. Best Weight Relief Guitar Playing Stands For Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

There are two great options, depending on your budget, when it comes to self supporting playable guitar stands. They both take the weight of the guitar entirely off your shoulders and back, and enable a flexible position for you to play the guitar, whether that be sitting or standing.

So if you have back, neck or shoulder pain these can be a fantastic option for you.

Most Affordable Guitar Playing Stand

The Mbrace stand attachment (lick here to check price at Amazon) fixes to your guitar or bass using 2 strap buttons, and then you can fix to any existing tripod mic guitar stand. It works for electric, bass, acoustic and even round backed guitars.

If you have an existing stand then this will be the most economical method of a gaining a weight relief guitar playing stand.


  • Professional performing guitar stand
  • Takes the full weight of the guitar
  • Very sturdy
  • Very portable
  • Comfortable playing position
  • Height adjustable (can play
  • seated)
  • Felt lined
  • Separate models for acoustic and electric guitar


  • Can’t adjust the tilt
  • Economical materials (glued strap ends)
  • Has to be used on a tripod stand like this one at Amazon (check price)
  • Not as sturdy as the KM Performer Stand
  • Not recommended to be used on an cheap stand unattended.

Most Robust Guitar Playing Stand

The K&M Performer Stand is a sturdy, well built guitar playing stand with excellent adjustment. You get what you pay for and whilst this will set you back a lot more money than the MBrace, it will provide you with assurance of an excellent guitar playing stand.


  • Professional performing guitar stand
  • Takes the full weight of the guitar
  • Very sturdy
  • Very portable
  • Comfortable playing position
  • Height adjustable (can play seated)
  • Felt lined
  • Separate models for acoustic and electric guitar


  • More expensive than Mbrace
  • Won’t work with a rounded back guitar

2. Best Weight Relief Guitar Straps For Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain

There are many types of weight relief Guitar Strap but if you have existing back pain, feel like it is developing or are just aware and want to maintain a good position when practising then these 3 guitar straps are an excellent alternative.

Hip Guitar Strap

Remove the weight from your back and shoulders entirely with the Slinger Ergonomic Hip Strap that comes in versions for the acoustic / hollow body guitar as well as for electric and bass.

Acoustic / Hollow Body Guitar

Electric & Bass Guitar


  • Eliminates guitar weight on shoulders and back
  • Can be worn around the waist as well as the hips
  • Removes guitar neck dive
  • Holds Guitar Securely on Lap while seated
  • Fits up to a 42″ waist


  • Solid body guitars only
  • Not fit anyone with a waist larger than 42″
  • Additional standard strap button may need installing

Double Shoulder Guitar Strap

Gruv Gear Duo Ergonomic Strap

Good for both bass and 6 string guitar the Gruv Gear Duo Strap distributes the weight of the guitar across both shoulders.


  • High Quality
  • Helps maintain proper playing position to prevent injury.
  • Works great for double-cut basses and guitars
  • 3.25″ wide soft-rolled neoprene, with lengths adjustable from 33″ to 44″ and an extra-long option that brings the total usable length to 56″.
  • Helps minimize shoulder and back pain by distributing the weight of your instrument.


  • Will require ‘tension strap’ for single cut guitars. (Les Pauls, Telecasters particularly)
  • Doesn’t help with ‘guitar neck dive’
  • Tends to hold guitar mid level or higher (you can buy longer straps on the Gruv website)
  • Requires a lot of initial adjustment
  • May require additional ‘tail straps’ that you can purchase from their website.
  • Some people complained that it can feel a little restrictive

Harness Guitar Strap

The Neotech double shoulder guitar strap is ideal for those who suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain. It distributes the weight to the torso instead and the pivoting snap that attaches the guitar to the strap allows you to adjust the neck angle of the guitar to find your ideal playing position.


  • Works on all guitars (bass, electric, acoustic) that have two strap pins
  • Reinforced support harness that’s comfortable for both men and women
  • Shoulder pads with memory foam and interior Aluminum supports bend for a custom fit
  • Torso strap is adjustable 30″-60″ (76, 2cm-152, 4cm) and fastens with a convenient quick disconnect buckle
  • Adjustable torso strap fastens with handy quick disconnect buckle
  • Instrument’s position is adjustable to the harness for optimum comfort and balance
  • Fully adjustable
    Non-marring connectors
  • Easily switch between instruments by attaching an extra Guitar Support Back Strap (click here to check price at Amazon) to each guitar (additional back straps sold separately)
  • Can wear under a jacket to hide it.


  • You may have to buy an additional guitar strap (sold separately) if you have an extra wide/ deep guitar. You can get them here at Amazon
  • Some people complained there wasn’t enough padding on the shoulder straps
  • Does not work for very slender or very wide frames

Best Weight Relief Guitar Strap (Extra Wide)

The Neotech Mega Axe Guitar Strap (click here to check price at Amazon) is 4″ wide comes in 4 different sizes, is made of neoprene with leather attachments, has a stretch system that provides weight relief and has extra foam padding to provide comfort along.

It has received excellent reviews from those looking for a traditional style guitar strap that helps back, shoulder and neck pain by providing weight relief and comfort.


  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Adjustable lengths
  • Soft durable neoprene with two layers of memory foam.
  • Leather attachments
  • Made in USA


  • Adjusts at only one end
  • Some complain the button holes are too tight.

3. Best Guitar Chair and Stool For Backpain (Back Support)

Sitting for extended periods of time is not good for any of us, so taking the time to find a guitar chair that is supportive to our backs is important.

Guitar High Chair

The Quik Lok DX749 is an excellent chair and will suit many of those look for a chair that provides an elevated position with the necessary back support.

You can buy a similar seat to this called the Gator Frameworks Guitar seat but the seat, back and foot support aren’t adjustable and has limited space for your foot / feet. So for these main reasons I recommend the Quik Lok.


  • Back rest is height adjustable
  • Seat is height adjustable
  • Foot rest is adjustable
  • Good padding
  • Well built
  • Foldable


  • Some complain seat doesn’t lower enough
  • Can tip forward quite easily
  • Assembly required
  • Quite heavy
  • Back rest a little small for some

Traditional Chair For Guitar

The Adjustrite Musician’s chair is the best guitar chair for back pain, it is labelled as a ‘musicians chair’ but the features it has and the lack of other guitar chairs to really hit the mark make this the best. It does come with a catch and that is you will need your own guitar foot rest.

The chair provides the largest area of support, all the legs are individually height adjustable with 1″ increments, it is light, sturdy and comfortable and can be easily packed away.


  • Each leg is independently height adjustable (tilt can be created if required)
  • Wide area of support
  • Encourages proper posture
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Folds easily
  • No assembly required
  • Micro adjustment feet for uneven floors


  • No foot rest (will need to buy one)
  • Quite heavy
  • Hardfeet not good for timber / softer natural floor

4. Best Seat Cushion For Lower Back Pain

If you don’t want to go the expense of purchasing a new chair then using a balance disc on one of your existing chairs may be the ideal solution for your guitar playing.

Gaiam Balance Disc Wobble Cushion

It works by engaging your abs and core muscles while you sit. It will add about 2″ to the height of any seat you put it on so be aware of this for any existing chair you have.

If you slouch whilst using it then it wont benefit you but if you use with a chair with back support whilst playing guitar then it will aid and relieve you lower back.


  • Great for little movements when you are playing guitar
  • Encourages core strength
  • Low cost risk
  • Can be used for most seats
  • 16″ wide


  • May not fit a larger posterior
  • Doesn’t work for everyone
  • Takes a while to get used to due to the ‘wobble’

5. Guitar Rest Support

A Guitar rest support are used by many classical guitar players to help them get the neck height desire. Posture is equally important when sitting and playing acoustic or electric guitars.

Guitar rest supports can provide an elevated position for playing guitar and so aid posture and pain that may occur in the back, neck and shoulders.

Most Affordable Guitar Rest Support

The Yifan Guitar Cushion (click here to check price at Amazon) works for acoustic, electric and bass as well as classical guitars.

It helps by raising the height of the guitar in relation to your torso and enables a steeper angle for easier access to the fretboard.


  • No attachment to the guitar
  • Contoured cushion, sits on thigh perfectly.
  • Built-in sponge for added comfort.
  • Fitting snugly on the right or left upper leg.With leather cover, protect inner sponge well
  • Zip design for convenience, easy to take it off and clean cover.
  • Comes with a pouch and a hook. Easy to carry along.
  • Product size: About 7.9 x 5.5 x 5.3 inch. Main material: PU Leather and Sponge


  • Some slimmer guitars may slip a little.
  • Doesn’t fit all thighs – very slim and very wide thighs may struggle.
  • The angle that it provides to play guitar isn’t for everyone.


So that rounds up the 10 best accessories for playing guitar when you have pain in your back neck or shoulders.

If you believe I have missed anything let me know in the comments below.

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