Beginner Resources

This resource is all about helping you get started.

The doubts you may have, the style you wish to learn, where is the best place to learn?, and what to look for when buying an acoustic, electric or classical guitar.

If you already know what you want to learn and are looking for recommendations on what to buy then head to our Recommended Gear page. We cover everything from guitars to stands, capos, accessories, maintenance kits, free apps and inspiring reading material.

Thinking About Learning?

Not sure you will have enough time? Think you are too old? What style should you learn first? Let’s squash those doubts.

Beginner Buyers Guide

Here we build your knowledge and talk about what to look for in a guitar and how to navigate this new world. From guitar anatomy to sizes to tonewoods, to brands plus more.

Where To Learn?

You have picked the style you want to learn, now where offers the best place on the internet to get started? Here we make recommendations.

Introduction To Guitar Maintenance

You have your new guitar but it is recommended to change your strings every month so how do you go about doing this and what else should you be doing to maintain your guitar?