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Guitar Man – Will Hodgkinson

This is true story about a man called Will in his 30’s that decides to learn the guitar and sets a date from the start to play his first gig 6 months later.

There is a lot I could relate to in this book like the fact that Will has two young children and only gets to practice after they get to bed, he has no discernible musical talent but he has a huge desire to learn.

The book is well written, is amusing in parts and describes a lot of the frustrations when playing guitar. Where he differs to the everyday person however is that he is a music journalist and so has access to many well-known musicians. Some of these interactions are shared in the book as he seeks their guidance in his guitar journey.

Overall the book is worth reading but the best part of the book for me is the first half or so where the focus is more on his learning journey. The second half seems to be more concentrated on the interactions with some of the ‘famous’ musicians and gaining tips from them along the way. This part for me would have worked better as a documentary.

However, this book is definitely worth a read if you are a beginner guitarist and will provide you with some excellent inspiration. Check the price of Guitar Man at Amazon here.

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