Midlife Guitar Journey

This is where I document my journey from beginner guitarist through to, one day, probably a long time from now, competent guitarist.

As a Dad approaching 40 years old and with two young girls, my time is limited and I don’t really know anyone learning guitar or who plays guitar that lives near me.

So my learning will be quite isolated which is partly the reason I am doing this, to connect with others out there on their guitar journey and to help hold myself accountable.

I will be following the Justin Guitar beginner course from the start and will be uploading my progress once a week on YouTube where you can watch me stuff up anything I have learned and let me know how you are getting on.

Along the way, I will upload additional videos that I think might be helpful as well as blog posts about what I have learned.

I find that YouTube has a lot of experienced guitarists telling us how to play which is great but nothing I can really relate to as a beginner.

So I want to change this and show what it is like following an online course as a beginner. Hopefully, this will encourage others to pick up and play the guitar, whether its one that has been sitting in the back of your closet or the new one you are about to buy.

It would be great to hear from you along the way, so please reach out to me on my YouTube channel here lets have some fun learning and playing guitar.

Guitar Journey Weekly Videos

Week 2 – May 17th 2019

Week 1 – May 10th 2019