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I share my experiences from learning guitar online. Course reviews, recommended gear and essential tips to make your learning more fun and more likely to succeed.

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Cheap Vs Expensive Guitars

Cheap Vs Expensive Guitars: A Professional Guitarists Advice

Visit any music shop to look at the guitars. Among the first things one may notice is the price variance. A seafoam green Fender Bullet …

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7 Best Ways To Upgrade A Cheap Guitar

7 Best Ways To Upgrade A Cheap Electric Guitar

Not happy with your current cheap guitar? Perhaps you have moved up in the world as a guitarist. Time to get a new guitar! Or …

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Can You Play A 12 String Guitar Like A 6 String

Can You Play A 12-String Guitar Like A Six-String?

Those who have recently delved into the world of guitar may not have seen or even heard of the 12-string. Metalheads may know of the …

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14 Tips For Older Beginner Guitar Players

As a beginner guitarist in midlife, I have quickly come to the realization that I don’t pick up new skills as quickly as I used …

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What You Need To Record Guitar Videos For Youtube

What You Need To Record Professional Guitar Videos For YouTube

Guitar videos are big business on YouTube. Whether you are looking to post cover versions, your own compositions or even tutorials or other guitar-related videos, …

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Best Guitar Hand Exerciser

Best Guitar Finger Exercise Tool And Ways To Use It Effectively

So I normally stay away from gimmicky items when learning anything as I often feel it detracts from doing what you should which in this …

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Where To Learn Guitar For Free (100% Free)

Where To Learn Guitar With Structure For Free Online [No Affiliate Links]

This is a rolling resource that has no affiliate links or commercial interest. It is purely aimed at being as helpful as possible for those …

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Guitar Posture & Hand Position For Beginners [A Helpful Illustrated Guide]

Open up almost any Guitar Method 1 book, and you will find a page at the beginning showing how to hold a guitar and how …

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Should you quit learning guitar

Should I Give Up Learning Guitar?

“Music is too important to be left to professionals.” This quote is ascribed to more than one source. Whether you know it to be from …

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Crossover Guitar

When You Should Buy A Crossover Guitar

As a beginner guitar player I have been wondering how difficult it would be to transition from classical to steel string and vice versa. There …

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Dont Have To Read Music

Why You Don’t Have To Learn To Read Music To Play Guitar

Reading music is a subject which can strike fear into the heart of many aspiring musicians. It isn’t just aspiring musicians, though, as many people …

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How To Beat Guitar Learning Frustration

11 Tips To Beat Guitar Learning Frustration

If you’re learning to play guitar in later life, there are a few steps that you will go through. One of these steps is frustration, …

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