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How To Learn Guitar Without A Teacher

Well this is awkward. Here I am, a guitar instructor, with something to say about whether or not you need a teacher. Why would you listen to me?? Because I am a guitar player first… Because I have had both formal and non-formal instruction… Because I’ve spent the majority of […]

Should I Learn The Guitar Sitting Or Standing?

When you buy your first guitar, wondering whether to learn it sitting down or standing probably isn’t the first question that jumps into your head. In fact, many beginners don’t even realize how important this decision can be. If you learn to play in one position, changing from sitting to […]

5 Tips For Storing Guitar Strings

Recently I changed the strings on my acoustic guitar for the first time. I went from using 12mm gauge strings, to a thinner 10mm. Not only are these easier to press down on for beginners but they are also kinder on the fingers. When I found this out it was […]