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I share my experiences from learning guitar online. Course reviews, recommended gear and essential tips to make your learning more fun and more likely to succeed.

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How Long Does It Take To Learn A Song On Guitar

How Long Does It Take To Learn A Guitar Song? Beginner Guide

I have been learning guitar for over 6 months now and have recorded my time spent using a log and my YouTube channel to help …

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12 Acoustic Guitar Tips For Beginners

12 Beginner Acoustic Guitar Tips – Essential For Success

I have been learning to play the acoustic guitar over the last 6 months and have read and consumed a lot of material around getting …

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Best YouTube Channels For Fingerstyle Guitar

9 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Fingerstyle Guitar (2020)

I have recently completed the Justin Guitar Beginner Course and have developed an interest in fingerstyle guitar. I have been working through YouTube to learn …

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Do Online Guitar Lessons Work?

Do Online Guitar Lessons Work? 6 Months Tried and Tested

So about 6 months ago I started learning guitar exclusively online, I had no prior musical experience and wanted a hobby that I could do …

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How Often Should A Beginner Practice Guitar?

It was found in a survey by fender that 90% of guitar players quit in their first year of learning. That is an incredibly high …

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Is It Possible To Learn Guitar Online? Yes, Here's How.

Is It Possible To Learn Guitar Online? Yes, Here’s How.

Before I began learning guitar exclusively online, this is a question that I had. I doubted that it was possible to learn guitar online because …

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Does Learning Guitar Get Easier?

Does Learning Guitar Get Easier? Yes, Here’s Why.

I have asked this question to myself many times over the last 6 months. Having just achieved a milestone and completed an online beginner course …

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How To Stop You Guitar Pick Moving, Slipping Or Being Dropped

How To Stop Your Guitar Pick Moving, Slipping or Being Dropped

In this post we are going to talk about different ways can stop a guitar pick from moving, slipping or being dropped. This will include …

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15 Tips For Keeping Your Guitar In Good Condition

How To Keep Your Acoustic Guitar In Good Condition (15 Essential Tips)

Keeping your acoustic guitar in good condition by caring for it and storing it correctly is an extremely important part of maintaining a guitar through …

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17 Reasons Why You're Never Too Old To Learn Guitar

17 Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old To Learn Guitar

Learning guitar later in life can appear difficult, but here is a simple truth: If you want to learn to play guitar then you are …

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Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Sore Fingers

What Are The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Sore Fingers?

Sore fingers is a reality when learning to play the guitar. Heck, sore fingers is a reality for seasoned veterans who have sanded their calluses …

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Should You Change The Guitar Strings On A Brand New Guitar?

Should You Change The Strings On A Brand New Guitar?

Buying a new guitar is only one step in the journey of owning a guitar. You don’t just take the baby home and play with …

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