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Why You Should Record Guitar At Home

Should You Record Guitar At Home?

Recording guitar at home is not something that would have been an option 10-20 years ago, certainly not without spending a lot of money and …

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Best Portable

Best Portable Guitar Recorders

The increases in technology over recent years have meant there are so many options for recording. Whether you wish to record onto your phone or …

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How To Do Your Own Guitar Setup (3)

How To Do Your Own Guitar Setup 2020

There are many reasons your guitar may need a guitar set-up and over my years as a Luthier, I have seen a multitude of issues …

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How To Record Guitar While Traveling

How To Record Guitar While Traveling

One of the huge benefits of the increases we’ve seen in music technology in recent years is the fact that we are now able to …

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How To Make Your Guitar Easier To Play

How To Make Your Guitar Easier To Play

Many beginner guitar players often become discouraged in their practice. So many things are working against you. Sore fingers from not having developed calluses, mental …

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Best Guitar Capo Under $20

This tried and tested review of guitar capo’s under $20 is to help those looking for their first beginner guitar capo or those that want …

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How To Build A Home Guitar Studio For Beginners 2020

Home guitar studios were something that was just a pipe dream for most guitarists 15 or 20 years ago, but nowadays, a home studio can …

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Best Guitar Recording Equipment For Beginners - small

Best Guitar Recording Equipment For Beginners (Affordable Options)

Not many of us are fortunate enough that guitar has gone beyond a hobby and into a profession. Playing guitar for fun is expensive anyway, …

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Guitar accessories for pain

10 Best Accessories For Guitar Players With Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain

Pain and discomfort in your back, neck and shoulders when playing guitar is common for many different reasons and is likely inevitable, particularly as you …

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10 Best Microphones Elec

10 Best Microphones For Recording Electric Guitar – All Budgets (2020)

Recording electric guitar can be a challenge. Electric guitar playing is incredibly diverse, and with effects pedals and a variety of different genres the same …

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How To Record Electric Guitar (1)

How To Record Electric Guitar 2020 (Audio Interface, Amp, Phone, PC, Mac)

The electric guitar is such a fun instrument to play, it has a huge part in pop and rock music and there are hundreds of …

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How To REcord Acoustic Guitar

How To Record Acoustic Guitar (Phone, Computer, Direct, Amp)

If you have learned how to play acoustic guitar and you enjoy playing either your own songs or cover versions at home, it may be …

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