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Loop Pedal With An Acoustic Guitar

Can You Use a Loop Pedal With an Acoustic Guitar? Here’s How.

Some of the most fun one can have playing the guitar is with a loop pedal. A loop pedal simply allows a player to record …

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Essential Pedals For Indie Rock

5 Essential Pedals For Indie Rock

Exploring different sounds and tones for your guitar is a neverending journey. This becomes pretty clear not long after you begin to learn how to …

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Essential Pedals For Classic Rock

5 Essential Guitar Pedals For Classic Rock

Learning to play classic rock on the guitar is not just about the licks, but the sound and tone. If you can’t capture the sound, …

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Should I Buy a Guitar Tuner or Use an App?

Should I Buy A Guitar Tuner Or Use An App?

“Okay, let’s tune up!” This is usually the first thing I say to kick off a guitar lesson. It is also what I would say …

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Is Fingerstyle Harder Then Strumming

Is Fingerstyle Harder Than Strumming? Read This First.

Fingers or Pick? I prefer both and I recommend all guitarists learn to play with their fingers. You never know when you might find yourself …

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Can You fingerpick on an electric Guitar?

Can You Fingerpick On An Electric Guitar? Yes, Here is Why.

Fingerpicking is not just for acoustic players. Electric guitarists can get down with it, too. Just ask Jeff Beck. The use of fingers along with, …

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Mary Spender Guitar Course Review

Mary Spender’s Guitar Course Review

I bought and played through Mary Spender’s Masterclass on Teachable. It is her beginner guitar course and first course released to date. Alongside this, I …

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How To Transition From Acoustic to Electric Guitar

How to Transition From Acoustic to Electric Guitar – 7 Tips

Almost every professional guitar instructor will recommend a student begin learning how to play guitar on the acoustic guitar rather than the electric. I am …

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Famous Guitar Players Who Started Late

4 Famous Guitarists Who Started Late

Learning how to play the guitar – it’s not just for kids, anymore. Truth be told, it never was. Musical instruments are not to be …

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Learn, Practice, Play vs Justin Guitar

Learn, Practice, Play Vs Justin Guitar

In this article, we are going to compare Justin Guitar’s Beginner Course with Paul Davids Beginner Guitar Course, Learn, Practice, Play. I have completed both …

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Palm Muting Exercises

5 Palm Muting Exercises To Help You Improve

Palm-muting is a guitar technique that utilizes the side of the palm of the rhythm hand to dampen the sound of the strings to create …

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How To Palm Mute

How To Palm Mute: 12 Tips to Master it (With Pictures)

One of the keys to guitar mastery is dynamic control. Dynamic control is the guitarist’s ability to shape his or her sound at will using …

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