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What Is A Professional Guitar Setup And Why You Need One (2021)

No two guitarists are identical. They prefer different things from the setup of a guitar, and this process can change the action or the sound …

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LH vs RH Guitar Large

Differences Between A Left And Right Handed Guitar

Recently I was talking to a friend who is left handed and bought a guitar in a garage sale. He asked me if I knew …

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Acoustic = Electric?

If I Learn Acoustic Guitar Can I Play Electric Guitar?

I have been learning to play a steel string acoustic guitar and recently started to think about when I would like to purchase and play …

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How Often Do You Need To Tune A Guitar?

This is a question often asked by beginner guitar players when starting to learn the guitar and one that I asked myself. So I researched …

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What Type Of Nails You Need To Play Fingerpick/Fingerstyle

When I was learning to play a song recently (Anji by Davy Graham – which you can see me play as part of my beginner …

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Do acoustic guitars

Why Acoustic Guitars Sound Better With Age

I’ve long been fascinated with vintage acoustic guitars and after 25 years of playing, I still get goosebumps when I’m in the presence of a …

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Caros Classical Guitar

Can You Play Acoustic Guitar Songs On A Classical Guitar?

We have a steel string acoustic guitar but my wife has an old classical guitar that she was given many years ago (the one in …

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Carpal Tunnel

How To Play Guitar With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I am part of a forum for beginner guitarists and one of them recently asked if anyone else had carpal tunnel syndrome and if they …

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My Black Fingers

Why Fingers Turn Black After Playing Guitar + How To Stop It

When I first started learning to play guitar I noticed that my fingers had turned black after playing guitar. I wasn’t sure why this was …

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The Best Solutions For Acidic Hands When Playing Guitar

When researching for a recent post about why fingers turn black when playing the guitar I also learnt about acidity in fingers and hands. It …

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How To Learn To Play Guitar If You Have No Rhythm

“I don’t have a musical bone in my body.” It’s a phrase I often hear from new adult students. Another common thing to hear is …

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