Author: Luke Winter

How To Restart Playing Guitar

With any hobby that takes a long time to master, it is easy to fall off the wagon. Life can take over and you can stop picking up guitar quite so often before stopping altogether. Whether you stopped five months or fifty years ago, it is never too late to […]

5 Tips For Storing Guitar Strings

Recently I changed the strings on my acoustic guitar for the first time. I went from using 12mm gauge strings, to a thinner 10mm. Not only are these easier to press down on for beginners but they are also kinder on the fingers. When I found this out it was […]

How Often Do You Need To Tune A Guitar?

This is a question often asked by beginner guitar players when starting to learn the guitar and one that I asked myself. So I researched how often I should be the tuning the guitar and here is what I found. How often do you need to tune a guitar? You […]