Author: Luke Winter

What Is A Crossover Guitar And Should I Buy One?

As a beginner guitar player I have been wondering how difficult it would be to transition from classical to steel string and vice versa. There are a lot of differences between classical and steel string acoustic guitars, not only are there differences in style but also in physicality. However in […]

Can You Learn To Play Guitar In Your 40’s?

I am 40 years old this year and I have no discernible musical talent, have never played an instrument and can’t sing. So I have decided to learn to play a steel string acoustic guitar, which makes perfect sense right? In addition to all this I have two young children, […]

5 Tips For Storing Guitar Strings

Recently I changed the strings on my acoustic guitar for the first time. I went from using 12mm gauge strings, to a thinner 10mm. Not only are these easier to press down on for beginners but they are also kinder on the fingers. When I found this out it was […]

Is My Guitar Left or Right Handed?

Recently I was talking to a friend who is left handed and bought a guitar in a garage sale. He asked me if I knew whether the guitar was left or right handed. I explained to him that it was a right handed guitar (it was a bargain though) and […]

How Often Do You Need To Tune A Guitar?

This year I turn 40 years old and have decided to learn to play the guitar, the classic mid-life crisis instrument. On starting this wonderful journey I have compounded what I already knew, that I am tone deaf with the voice of a dying animal. Surprisingly this doesn’t help with […]