Author: Luke Winter

14 Tips For Older Beginner Guitar Players

As a beginner guitarist in midlife I have quickly come to the realisation that I don’t pick up new skills as quick as I used to. Well that is my general feeling anyway but with experience I know that when learning things for the first time there can be some […]

When You Should Buy A Crossover Guitar

As a beginner guitar player I have been wondering how difficult it would be to transition from classical to steel string and vice versa. There are a lot of differences between classical and steel string acoustic guitars, not only are there differences in style but also in physicality. However in […]

5 Tips For Storing Guitar Strings

Recently I changed the strings on my acoustic guitar for the first time. I went from using 12mm gauge strings, to a thinner 10mm. Not only are these easier to press down on for beginners but they are also kinder on the fingers. When I found this out it was […]